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Prerequisite Course Requirements & Suggested Electives

Candidates are responsible for organizing and completing all requirements as stated below.  If you have specific questions regarding requirements, please contact the admissions office at

Pass/fail courses will NOT be considered as satisfying required course work.

Subject Area / Semester Hours

General Biology / 8
A two-semester sequence with laboratories is required. One course in botany may be used to satisfy the requirements for general biology. However, higher-level science courses may be considered by the admissions committee to fulfill this requirement.

Organic Chemistry / 6
After completion of General or Introductory Chemistry, a two-semester sequence in Organic Chemistry with laboratories is required.

Physics / 8
The requirement in this area is for a two-semester sequence with laboratories in General or Introductory Physics. Calculus-based physics is not required.

Biochemistry / 3
A one-semester introductory course in biochemistry without a lab will meet the minimum requirement. Topics should include metabolism and chemistry of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and nucleic acids. Courses in biochemistry providing broader coverage would be helpful to an applicant.

English / 6
Three credit hours of the English requirement must be specifically English composition or technical writing-no AP credit will be accepted for this prerequisite. Public speaking or communication courses do not satisfy the English requirement. Advanced placement credit for one semester/quarter of English will be accepted if the additional required hours are composition or technical writing courses and are taken at a college or university.

Math / 6
The math requirement can be met by courses in Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus or Statistics. Computer science courses are not acceptable.

Humanities/Social Sciences / 6
Courses to meet this requirement may include, but are not restricted to: art, philosophy, history, economics, psychology, or sociology.

Medical Terminolgy /1 (effective 2019/2020 application cycle)

Introductory medical terminolgy courses that covers the correct pronunciation, correct spelling and meaning essential to use and understand medical terminology. Does not need to be taken in person or at a 4-year university.


Suggested Elective Courses:




Academic Requirements & Guidelines

  • Minimum grade point average requirement for application review is 2.0.  However, a competitive GPA is 3.5.
  • Applicants must have completed a minimum of 60 semester/90 quarter hours at an accredited college or university by the end of the spring term of the calendar year for which matriculation is sought.
  • All required course work must be completed by the end of the spring term of the year in which matriculation is sought.There is no option to complete prerequisite courses during summer term of the year of matriculation.

If an applicant fails to register or withdraws from a prerequisite course projected for spring term completion, their application will be removed from consideration and any offer of interview or admission will be null and void.

Students must earn a "C-" or better in all required courses.

Required courses in which a "D" or "F" was earned must be repeated. Both the original and repeat grades will be included in grade point calculations.

  • The college does not require any specific undergraduate major; however, it is strongly recommended that applicants enroll in a degree program of their choice to prepare for alternate career goals.
  • Students majoring in liberal arts or other non-science disciplines are advised that they may find less difficulty in dealing with the veterinary curriculum if they do not limit their science studies to the minimum course requirements.
  • A seven year policy will be allowed as follows:

Where required science courses have been taken by an applicant seven or more years prior to the application deadline, they MAY be repeated, or courses of a higher level substituted, with the written approval of the Admissions and Standards Committee.

The approved repeated or substituted courses will be used in the calculation of the Required Science Course GPA. ALL courses taken will be used in the calculation of the Cumulative GPA.

  • Advanced placement/credit by examination guidelines:

Advanced placement credit for one semester/quarter of English will be accepted if the additional required hours are composition or technical writing courses and are taken at a college or university.

Advanced placement credit or credit by examination for other pre-veterinary course requirements will be accepted. However, advanced placement credits will not be calculated in grade point averages, and no grade will be assigned. No course substitutions will be allowed for AP credit or credit by examination.

AP credit must appear on the college transcript.

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