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Dual Degrees

Dual DVM/PhD degree

Highly qualified applicants are selected for the limited number of positions available in the combined DVM/PhD degree program each year. Students in the program receive advanced training in basic or clinical research to pursue academic, government or corporate careers. The schedule of the 7-year program of study is as follows:

  • Students admitted into the DVM/PhD dual degree program enroll in the summer and spend the first three years in the PhD program, deferring the start of the DVM program.
  • Students enter the DVM curriculum at the beginning of their third year. During the first two summer semesters of the DVM curriculum, the student returns to the laboratory to continue work on the PhD project.
  • The completion of the PhD is expected within one year after completing the DVM program.

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Dual DVM/MPH degree

In addition to their DVM training, students in the simultaneous DVM/MPH degree program will receive the required training in the five core public health competencies which include public health administration, health behavior, environmental health, epidemiology, and biostatistics, as well as additional training in one of two concentrations, either infectious disease or public health education.

  • VA-MD Vet Med veterinary students will apply and enroll in the MPH degree program through the Virginia Tech Graduate School application and admissions process. Specifics can be obtained by contacting the program coordinator at
  • The simultaneous DVM/MPH degree program will require an additional fall semester of study for completion of the MPH degree, following completion of the DVM program.

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