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Course Information

Curriculum at a glance

Our curriculum is designed to educate and develop veterinarians with:

  • A firm foundation of basic biomedical knowledge
  • The ability to apply this knowledge in a problem-solving setting
  • Technical and communication skills to provide excellent patient care and customer service
  • The commitment to increase scientific knowledge for the benefit of animals, the environment, and human beings

We recognize the importance of different approaches to learning and how students engage in that learning process. An innovative student-centered curriculum has been developed in which students will enjoy collaborative learning experiences, faculty team-taught courses, and early entry into clinical rotations at the end of second year.

At the end of clinical rotations, students will re-enter the classroom in higher level courses, where they can refine their problem-solving and critical thinking skills while using the skills developed during their workplace-based experiences. They will then go back to the clinics, where they can integrate knowledge, skills, and attributes, while establishing their professional identities.


We offer a unique tracking curriculum, where students can focus on, or "track," their primary area of interest. Students will choose a track at the end of their first clinical rotations. This curriculum is intended to provide a core knowledge necessary for entry-level practice regardless of discipline. The track options are:

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